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From an artisanal studio to an efficient company, from the gathering and restoration of works of art, to the production and marketing of art furniture; this is the history of Rudiana, a company born in 1976 from the passion of its founder, Mario Bernardi with the important collaboration of his wife, Adelina Rangoni.

Passionate about the history of art, Mario Bernardi began his activity collection and restoring period furniture. His interest for art and love for beauty soon took the form of a myriad furniture proposals, inspired by the grace and perfection of the classic style.

The architectural structure of the Rudiana site, similar to a Greek temple, revokes the harmony of this style, thus giving a taste of the perfect of its collections which, enriching themselves with new elements, manage to interpret all furnishing requirements, for any kind of environment.

Today, the staff has grown thanks to the presence of the three daughters of the owner, who contribute to the management and promotion of the Rudiana brand in the world.